Technology R & D
The production of the product is strictly implemented and higher than various national standards. At the same time, the company formulated and filed with the Shenzhen Quality Supervision Bureau for Q / ML 001-2009 "Stainless Steel Water Pipe Production Inspection Standard" and Q / ML 002-2009 "Socket Welded Pipe" And other relevant enterprise standards such as Q / ML 003-2009 "Production Standard for Plastic Coated Pipe" and Q / ML 004-2010 "Production Inspection Standard for Single Socket-Type Pipe Fittings for Drainage". In research and development, the company has obtained 132 national patents. The design is mainly based on high connection strength and strong earthquake resistance.

Based on the unique technical foundation, it reflects the humanized design and provides convenient and fast pipe connection methods for site construction At the same time, it is suitable for wall inlay and wall installation, which greatly reduces the possibility of water pipe damage due to external forces in various environments.
R & D laboratory
Production equipment testing
Production equipment testing
Salt spray laboratory & pressure fluctuation testing machine
Sediment testing machine
Deflection angle tester
Testing machine
Negative pressure testing machine
Temperature change tester
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Shenzhen Headquarters:
10F, Building 1, Geya Building, Nanhuan Avenue, Guangming District, Shenzhen
Switchboard: 0755-81721666
Production Base:
Xihai Industrial area, Junan Cangmen Village, Shunde District, Foshan City
Switchboard: 0757-25503666
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